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A different and socially
responsible company

Since 1998, the year of its foundation by Daniel Bérard, Danfreight Systems Inc. has been constantly raising industry standards about long-distance transportation. Building on respect for individuals and for the environment, DFS has for mission to differentiate itself, innovate and evolve.

The DFS difference

Over the years, DFS has significantly positioned its organization in the trucking industry. Our values, clearly articulated are oriented towards the achievement of concrete results. With the aim of ensuring the maintenance of the differentiation, Danfreight Systems focuses on several factors. Innovating to succeed, standing out while being committed to offer our customers, a prompt, reliable, professional and high-quality service. Our clients can also rest assured of our effectiveness and availability in serving them, never forgetting to raise environmental awareness.

DFS is actively involved
in the community

By honouring the values and beliefs that forge our corporate culture, Danfreight Systems promotes a distinctive approach at all levels. In addition to the innovation, respect for human beings, reliability, professionalism, there is the committment. Responsive to the needs of others, DFS gives a prominent place to charities in its community. To give back, support, cooperate and contribute positively to various organizations is a promise which is dear to us.

The strength of Connexion Group

Working in the food sector, using 100% biodegradable soap has become for us since 2001 non-negotiable. Involving Swedish technologies, our washing areas assist the recycling of 80% of water used, mud, soap and oil – avoiding releases into the environment.

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Organizations supported over the past few years

A vision, projects
and forward-looking solutions

A deep concern to react to changes in the industry while pursuing research and development, summarizes for Danfreight Systems, the future of trucking. By always daring to be different, we intend to remain the reference in long-distance transportation from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We are driven by the will to overcome other challenges in terms of both energy and ecological. We endeavor to develop new transport corridors securing continuity in the food sector. We also mobilize our efforts by maximizing our affiliated companies already renowned for the growing and packaging of cruciferous vegetables. In the near future, we will undoubtedly witness the arrival of the 4th range ready-to-serve plant products. At DFS, we are part of the action to better shape the future.

Research and development laboratory

Danfreight Systems has more than once received a positive media attention from its partners. Peterbilt, Michelin and Mobil Oil, including their engineers unanimously expressed their gratitude for our imaginative vision and our hard work. Recognized worldwide – our research and development laboratory offers itself as a model for the industry.

Beyond the boarders, DFS is characterized by the use of wide single tires – the precursors having tested them in North America. In the last decade, Danfreight Systems put forward tangible actions. Among them - smart practices in maintenance concerning the fluid levels, intelligent processes to avoid waste and real fuel savings referring to the air-conditioning system, resulting of a significant change in the colour of its transport units from dark green to white.

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