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Speed and reliability

Thanks to a reasoned approach of long-distance transportation, DFS has stood out for more than 15 years in an ever-changing industry. With nearly 400 dedicated employees, more than 100 Peterbilt trailer-tractors, millions of kilometres travelled every year; DFS is a pioneer in the industry of dry freight transportation.

Dry freight

Always conscious of improving and maintaining high standards of excellence, Danfreight Systems relies on a fast and reliable full load delivery service – a preferred and effective solution for the transportation of dry freight.


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A greater temperature control

By working closely with food sector companies, DFS has the capacity to fully understand the needs and expectations of its clientele in terms of the handling and refrigeration of its products. Therefore, the company is doing everything possible to innovate with regard to refrigerated transportation while limiting its ecological footprint.

Refrigerated transport

Having a wealth of expertise related to the product lifecycle, DFS is a market leader for the transport of fruit and vegetables from United States to Canada. Isotherm trailers, constant temperature reading during transit, the access to records, real-time shipment tracking – are so many factors that ensure our loyal customers : the largest food chains and distributors of fruit and vegetables, an unparalleled service and uncompromising freshness.

Latest refrigeration technology


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Specialized transportation commuting between
Quebec and the American West Coast

American West Coast

The constant availability of our teams made up of two experienced drivers, paired with the high frequency of our round trips towards the American West Coast, provides for example a safe delivery in California the morning of the 3rd day after leaving Quebec. Concerned with timelines and the respect of their goods, our clients have the opportunity to track at all times their shipments thanks to the DFS tracker mobile application.

Other regions

Although it is mainly oriented in the transportation between Quebec and the American West Coast, DFS has developed over the years new connections in order to offer its customers a competitive and expanded service. We are now proud to serve the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia), Ontario as well as Florida.

United States


3-4 transit days


3-4 transit days


2-3 transit days


2-3 transit days


3-4 transit days


3-4 transit days


3-4 transit days


3-4 transit days


2-4 transit days



1 transit day

Nova Scotia

1-2 transit days

New Brunswick

1-2 transit days

British Columbia

3-4 transit days


3-4 transit days


2-3 transit days


2-3 transit days


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A fail-proof logistics

The importance and efficiency of our logistics department contribute to our international reputation. We have and continue to set up essential resources matching our customers’ ever-growing needs and requirements. Meeting timelines, flexibility of our working time, the high-quality service we provide, security and safety conditions through handling are among factors that differentiate us.

DFS tracker application: real-time shipment tracking

The creation of the DFS tracker application has generated greater communication and a type of monitoring highly recognized by our customers. With a single click, hour by hour, they can track their shipments wherever they are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At DFS, this real-time tracking has soon become a first degree strategic tool.

ISAAC: GPS shipment tracking

Because we rely on a cutting-edge technology, our trucks have been equipped with tablet-computers – one of the most sophisticated satellite tracking system on the market. Due to this indispensable device, an ongoing communication is now possible between our drivers and our operations department. This permanent invaluable link eases their work while contribuing with the transfer and the exchange of various data.

DFS Tracker
DFS Tracker DFS Tracker

A real-time transport tracking application developed especially for you.

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