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Privacy policy

Notice Regarding the Protection of Personal Information (PPI)


This notice outlines the policies and practices for protecting personal information applied by Danfreight Systems (hereinafter referred to as the "Organization") in connection with this service (hereinafter the "Service").

General Consent

By accessing the Service, you consent to the collection, use, communication, and retention of personal information under the terms described in this notice. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using the site.

Collected Personal Information

Information relating to an individual (hereinafter the "User") that permits their direct or indirect identification constitutes personal information ("PI").

The Organization collects only the PI that is necessary for the purposes of using the Service. Except for specific contexts (described below), the Service does not require or collect any PI that directly identifies a User

Collection of PI that does not allow for User identification is limited to the following information:

  • IP address
  • Browser and operating system
  • Usage schedule and duration

Specific Contexts

The Organization may require the User to provide PI that enables identification in order to process information in a context requiring User identification. In such cases, the Organization explicitly presents the PI to be provided and its usage so that the User can explicitly consent to its collection.

Examples of specific contexts include:

  • Creating an account;
  • Submitting an application;
  • Requesting information;
  • Subscribing to a mailing list.

PI collected in a specific context is processed according to rules that ensure their destruction or anonymization, either in full or in part, when the time prescribed by the context's processing procedure is reached.

A User account, when applicable, can be autonomously deleted at any time by the account holder, resulting in the complete and irrevocable destruction of the associated PI. If a User is not able to delete their account themselves, they can request the Organization to proceed with the deletion as soon as possible.


The Organization collects, uses, and communicates personal information for the following purposes:

  • Creating and managing a user account for the Service;
  • Authenticating and managing access to and use of the Service;
  • Responding to and processing user requests;
  • Personalizing user subscription preferences to the Service;
  • Issuing notices according to the user's Service preferences.

Collection Method and Consent

Personal information is collected directly from the User. The provided PI must be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

The Organization obtains your consent for the collection, use, and communication of your PI or relies on an applicable exception.

Withdrawal of Consent

It will generally not be possible to withdraw your consent for the use of your personal information for the management and administration of the Service by the Organization. Indeed, the uses of the collected PI described above are required for the management and operation of the Service. Therefore, although you have the right to withdraw your consent for the use of your personal information, if applicable, the Organization will no longer be able to grant you access to the Service.

Access and Communications

Your personal information is accessible only to members of the Organization's staff who require access in the scope of their duties.

The Service may include hyperlinks to third-party websites, which are independent of this Service. The Organization is not responsible for the content and policies of these sites. The Organization recommends that you review the policies of these sites before using them. The personal information you transmit through these third-party sites will be subject to their respective privacy protection policies.

In exceptional cases, the Organization may also grant access to or communicate your personal information to third parties, including service providers, within the framework and for the purposes of service contract execution, or to public authorities, for example:

  • A person acting on your behalf with your consent;
  • Our service providers, including the company that manages the Service;
  • A public body responsible for investigation or law enforcement, including criminal and penal authorities;
  • The Access to Information Commission (authority for personal information protection control) and all persons authorized to obtain them under the law.

The Organization does not rent, sell, or exchange your personal information.


The Organization retains your personal information for the duration necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and for applicable legal retention periods, which may sometimes warrant longer retention periods. Destruction or anonymization (removal of information allowing personal identification) is carried out securely.

The Organization uses technology systems and service providers to ensure the secure retention of your personal information in order to maintain its confidentiality.

Your personal information is retained in Quebec.

Browsing Cookies and Google Analytics

Browsing Cookies

Browsing cookies (commonly known as "cookies") are used to facilitate and optimize your navigation on the Service. Cookies consist of files that are downloaded and stored on a device used for internet browsing. The cookies used by the Organization do not collect personal information about users.

Most internet browsers accept cookies by default. A user can modify their browser's privacy settings at any time to block cookies or delete those already stored. This action does not prevent access to the Service but may affect its performance during your visit.

Google Analytics

The Organization uses analysis tools (Google Analytics) for its Service. These tools allow for the collection, analysis, measurement, and presentation of data on visits made in order to understand and optimize the use of the Service.

The Organization retains this type of information for counting, among other things:

  • The number of visitors;
  • The most frequently visited pages;
  • The technology used by the customer base of its Service;
  • Referring sites;
  • The country of origin of the Service's users.


The Organization applies security measures proportionate to the degree of sensitivity of your personal information in order to preserve its confidentiality.

The Organization uses encryption, among other measures, to preserve the confidentiality of information transmitted between a user's device and the Service.

The Organization also applies administrative and physical measures to ensure the security of your personal information.

Even though the Organization applies adequate security measures to protect your personal information and reduce the risk of breaches, the Organization cannot guarantee 100% that your personal information will not be subject to a breach of confidentiality or integrity in the event of a violation of our security measures. If you have reason to believe that your personal information has been compromised using the Service, please contact the office of the responsible person for personal information protection, whose contact information is provided below.

Responsible for Personal Information Protection: Chantal Bélanger

Your Rights

The Organization respects the rights granted to you by law regarding your personal information and thus applies procedures to address the following requests:

Access and Rectification of Your Personal Information

You can access the personal information that the Organization has collected or obtained about you in the course of using the Service, verify its accuracy, and modify it if necessary, subject to exceptions provided by law. Requests for access and rectification are free of charge. However, reasonable fees may be charged for transcription, reproduction, or transmission of your personal information. Your request for access or rectification should be sent to the office of the responsible person for personal information protection, whose contact information is provided below, and will be processed in accordance with applicable requirements.

Responsible for Personal Information Protection: Chantal Bélanger

Automated Processing

If the Organization implements a decision-making process based solely on automated processing (without human intervention) of personal information, and relying solely on an algorithm, you will be informed and informed of your right to provide observations regarding this decision.


You can request a copy of the personal information that has been collected or obtained about you in the course of using the Service. In the absence of serious practical difficulties, you may request that your personal information be provided to you in a structured and commonly used technological format.

Question or Complaint

Any questions regarding your personal information or complaints should be directed to the office of the responsible person for personal information protection, whose contact information is provided below.

Responsible for Personal Information Protection: Chantal Bélanger

Contact Information for Responsible Person for Personal Information Protection

In the absence of designation by the Organization, the highest executive of the Organization acts as the responsible person for personal information protection.


The Organization may periodically modify the content of this notice. If so, a statement to this effect will be displayed on the Organization's website.

Update: September 7, 2023