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Innovation serving

Precursor of change in the transportation industry, DFS is constantly exploring innovation with an insurpassable rigour while adopting impeccable environmental practices.

A fuel economy that makes
a real difference

Not exceeding 13 litres, the engines of our tractor-trailers refine the performances, provide a fuel economy and a substantial reduction of all polluants.

Tires offering
maximum efficiency

A set of proven tests and advanced researches in collaboration with Michelin resulted on the development of a new revolutionary tire : The X-One wide single tire.

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engine components

A clutch electronically activated, improving low speed manoeuvrability while offering the driver a similar driving that avoids over consumption of fuel.

Ultrashift Plus transmission

Ultrashift Plus transmission

A steady economy of fuel


Research and development partnership

    A reliable and powerful
    refrigeration system

    Over the past years, DFS did everything possible to maximize the effectiveness of its refrigeration system; making it one of the most efficient and least energy-consuming of the industry.

    High level insulation

    The refractory painting applied on the roof of our trucks favorises a high level insulation, enhancing the freshness and quality of goods – an added value in the food industry.

    Real time temperature

    Developed communication technologies, allow our logistics team to be able to remotely record the interior temperature of trailers; assuring an increased quality control with regard to the transport of perishable products.

    Logistical efficiency

    The perfect colour

    In order to facilitate the refrigeration and air conditioning of our trailor-tractors and achieve significant fuel economy of the air conditioning system, DFS has modified the colour of its transport units.

    Reduction of the ambient temperature

    Light refractory painting

      logistics tools

      Conscious that the world of business is moving at a frenetic pace, DFS uses leading-edge technologies to offer a customer service that meets the highest criteria.

      DFS Tracker application

      Because it is always reassuring for our customers to be able to locate their loads at any hour of the day or night, Danfreight Systems has created the DFS Tracker application. With a single click, this state-of-the-art technological tool allows its user to follow in real time, the progress of its shipment.

      GPS reading and tracking

      Shipment tracking by GPS eases the work of our drivers by linking them at all times with our department of operations. Our trucks being all equipped with tablet computers, the collection and exchange of data (location, temperature, itinerary) can be done instantly and accurately.

      DFS Tracker
      DFS Tracker DFS Tracker

      A real-time transport tracking application developed especially for you.

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      A cutting-edge
      technology workshop

      Based on advanced technologies which brings perfectly together productivity, safety and responsibility, at Danfreight Systems, our mechanical workshop impresses in various ways.


      First developed for the aviation world, the automated engine part dispenser ensures accurate inventory control, creating order forms for the replacement of missing parts. This procedure significantly increases the effectiveness and speed of our repair and maintenance service.

      Reduction of our
      ecological footprint

      Our wide mechanical workshop is a high-tech, ecological and safe place equipped with a material and accessory dispenser for the employees. It allows our skilled mechanics to better struggle against waste.

      washing area

      Working in the food sector, using 100% biodegradable soap has become for us since 2001 non-negotiable. Involving Swedish technologies, our washing areas assist the recycling of 80% of water used, mud, soap and oil – avoiding releases into the environment.

      Biodegradable products

      Re-use of wastewater

      Automated engine
      part dispenser

        A cutting-edge
        technology workshop

        Based on advanced technologies which brings perfectly together productivity, safety and responsibility, at Danfreight Systems, our mechanical workshop impresses in various ways.

        Training center

        The cornerstone of our company is undoubtedly our important training center. Our experienced employees, mostly from professional schools, work there full time with the aim of providing exceptional support to our drivers. This sharing of experience and knowledge constitutes an invaluable and reassuring support for them, allowing them to set off on the road with complete peace of mind.

        Security and compliance

        Prevention, drug testing, validity of permits, respect for Canadian and U.S. legislation, the control of load weight and mechanical maintenance, all aspects which require a constant and determined attention. These measures, combined with the vigilance of all our drivers enables us to honor our compliance policy < zero accidents / zero offences >.