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The best total compensation from hiring

DFS is pleased to announce its new salary policy, offering the best overall compensation terms for the trucking industry upon hiring. With state-of-the-art facilities, trips through North America and some of the best working conditions in the industry, DFS is the employer of choice.

Nouvelle allocation d’attente. New

Waiting allowance

Nouveaux paliers d’augmentation. New


Un bonus pour chaque dépôt et collecte. Compensation for

loading and unloading

Runner programme départ hâtif. Runner

Early Bird Program


The dfs benefits

A flexible team
dedicated to training


Because family and friends are important

up to

31$ / Trip

for communication expenses
Payment deposit


from Monday to Friday

Sample compensation

Based on 3,100 mile trip
Industry average Danfreight systems
Early bird $0 $93
Communication allowance $8 $31
3 loads and unloads $62 $105
3 waiting blocks of 4 h $0 $90

DFS recognizes* up to 10 years of experience at the rate of 100 000 miles per year. Simulating a typical trip, including the variables in the compensation table above, a driver with 0-10 years of experience may receive compensation between $1 200 and $1 550 net per trip (DFS travel standard).

Compensation calculations are based on variables such as early departures, waiting allowance, and loading and unloading. The compensation examples above are derived from a simulation that takes DFS averages into account.

Ready for a new adventure?

Do like Sylvie, Philippe and Marcel and join our dynamic team. Take advantage of DFS benefits as well as training that's flexible and tailored to everyone's needs. With the new salary policy, you're a winner all the way!


The industry's best waiting allowance

DFS is pleased to offer its drivers the best waiting allowance in the industry. Get $30 in expenses incurred for each 4-hour block of waiting following the first 4 hours of waiting for loading or unloading. Example: you can get $120 for a 20 hour wait.


Progressive salary scale without cap

The first increase from 25,000 miles, the second increase at 50,000 miles, the third increase at 100,000 miles. Thereafter, the scale progresses every 100 000 miles, without any cap. The salary scale applies to all drivers paid by mileage.


Best compensation for loading and unloading

Compensation for loading and unloading is progressive and can be combined within a single trip. The first segment is paid $30. $5 is added to each subsequent segment, up to a maximum of $60. For example, a driver who did 8 loads or unloads will be paid $375 based on the grid below.

Segment Compensation
1st $30
2nd $35
3rd $40
4th $45
5th $50
6th $55
7th $60
8th $60
Total $375

A winning runner program

A driver who indicates availability earlier than the start date receives additional amount of up to 3 ¢ per trip. When a driver decides to move up his day trip by one day, he gets 1 ¢ per mile, for 2 days, 2 ¢ per mile and 3 days, 3 ¢ per bonus mile.


Trips that allow me to earn more.

My family situation allows me to adapt my trips to my time schedule. As a young adult, I can afford to go longer and farther, which means I can earn more on each trip.

DFS offers the best pay. Multiple loading and unloading helps me to put more money in my pocket, wherever I go. The more loads and unloads, the more I earn.

Working at DFS, I feel I'm paid for my true worth. I can adapt my trips according to my time schedule and availability, so I have the opportunity to spend more time with my friends. With the new salary policy, I can improve my trips with compensation for communications costs of up to $31 per trip.


Enjoying every minute while contributing to my retirement.

Since I am retired, I can take the time I need to plan my trips. With the retiree program, I can plan my trips up to 30 days.

I've never seen a waiting allowance like that offered by DFS. I earn while I wait, because I'm compensated for my expenses at $30 per 4-hour block.

Working at DFS, I have the opportunity to spend more time with my grandchildren and enjoy my retirement while still remaining active. I feel appreciated with the retiree program because it's adapted to my situation. The new DFS remuneration policy works for all employees because it was created for us.


A job that allows me to fully enjoy life.

My schedule allows me to make long distance trips, so I can get up to 6 days off between each departure. When I return, I take the time for myself and to see my family, who live several hours away from home. I also like to get ahead of my trips for a few days when I can afford it.

Early bird departures mean I can get a surcharge up to 3 ¢ per mile. At DFS, we get really more for each trip.

I love long distance routes; I spend most of my time on the highway. I always look forward to the next trip. I'm discovering new places, I decide with whom I will travel, and I never feel like I'm working.